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babarian_kat's Journal

6 November 1962
Okay, I'm a poet, and was active in the Cafe Babar scene in the 80's. I am looking for other Babarians, and poetry enthusiasts. I am also looking for people who share some of the interests stated above.
I graduated with an MA in Psychology in May, 2009. This was huge - I started school at a community college at thirty-four, graduated Magna Cum Laude from a state university, and worked my butt off for a total of 11 1/2 years total to go from self-educated in reading and writing to a holder of a master's degree.
I consider myself a bisexual freak who lives with a man.
I'm in my mid-forties...no spring chicken. I guess you could call me "old school".
Looking for online friends who understand that life can be kind of boring sometimes, and then suddenly exciting or even over-the-top, and that (time permitting), I'm going to post regardless of excitement or drama or boredom, or kinky sex or whatever.